Type of Roof Damage in Meridian, ID

Type of Roof Damage


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Type of Roof Damage Homeowners Should Know About

Years of usage, extreme weather conditions, mold, and mildew overgrowth - all are responsible for roof damage. Sooner than later homeowners do face roof damage. It is important to know the early signs of roof damage so that you can nip the problem in the bud. This saves you from spending huge amounts of money and time on complete roof replacement. Identify the problem early, find the extent of damage, engage professionals, and ensure the safety of your loved ones under the rooftops. While leaks and holes come to light early on, it is the unnoticeable damage that gets aggravated and causes immense discomfort suddenly. Read on to identify the types of roof damage you should be aware of :

● Wind Damage

High-speed winds, cyclones, and other natural disasters can lead to shingles being lifted from the roofs. The underlying material then gets exposed to the surface. If this is not the case, there can be debris, and trees breaking on the roof, which can lead to punctures and extensive damage.

● Hail, Snow and Ice Damage

Hailstorms, snow accumulation, and melting ice can lead to major roof issues. They can crack and bruise the shingles, which can further lead to holes and cracks in the roof. This type of damage can escape the naked eye so make sure you avoid complete collapse by calling professionals for regular inspection.

● Water Damage

There can be leaks, punctures, and holes that lead to constant dripping of water, either on the surface or inside the house. This further leads to mold and mildew growth. Causes include extreme weather conditions, damaged shingles, improper installation, and flashing around chimneys.

● Shingle Damage

More often than not, the detected damage will be shingle damage. Shingles are individual overlapping tiles that form the surface of the roof. These are very sturdy but experience wear and tear eventually that shows as cracks, curls, or components going missing.

● Flashing Damage

Flashing refers to the material used for sealing the rooftops. It is used to seal joints and edges to prevent water infiltration. If flashing deteriorates, loosens, or wears off, it can lead to leaks and immense damage. Make sure you always pay attention to flashing to avoid superficial checking.

● Rotting Wood

Roof components that have wooden finishing or are made of wood need extra care. The decking and rafters can rot if exposed to prolonged moisture. This further weakens the integrity of the structure and makes the roof weak. If slight damage is not addressed it can lead to major issues.

● Moss, Algae, and Pest Infestation

Another common problem associated with roof damage is moss, algae, and pest infestation. The reason behind this is moisture accumulation, dampness, and prolonged shade. Initially, they may not cause a problem but if left untreated they can start causing health issues.

These are some of the most common problems that all homeowners should be able to identify. Once you suspect something, contact a professional to identify the cause and extent of damage. Following this you can make the right decisions and prevent further damage. For the residents of Meridian, ID, the best roof repair company in the region - Peak Roofing is here to help. From start to finish, we will guide you through it all and make judicious use of your budget and time. Contact us now to learn more about the same.

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